Wetland, forest scene

WEG Research Team

Dr. Wanhong Yang   Yang, Wanhong Professor, Principal Investigator
  Liu, Yongbo Research Scientist, Research Manager
Yongbo’s research interests include: (1) GIS-based hydrologic modeling of watershed and river basin systems, (2) Watershed evaluation of agricultural and livestock Best Management Practices (BMPs), (3) Wetland and river restoration, and (4) Integrated hydrologic-ecologic-economic modeling for resource management.
""   Shao, Shawn Post-doctoral Fellow
Shawn’s work mainly focuses on playing a leadership role to conduct GIS software design, development, and application for integrated economic-hydrologic modeling of agricultural watersheds, ecosystem services evaluations, and computational analysis of environmental protection policies.
  Ghiyansvand, Mostafa Developing a Mobile GIS Application for Facilitating Information Communications in Agri-Environmental Programs [MSc 2020]
''   Hopkins, Laura Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Wetland in the Lynn River Subwatershed of Norfolk County, Southern Ontario  [MSc 2020]
""   Chen, Kun Development of a WebGIS-based Decision Support System for Facilitating the Adoption of Agricultural Best Management Practices [PhD 2019]
    Mallon, Christopher Hydrologic-economic modeling of the cost-effectiveness and targeting of nutrient management in the Gully Creek Watershed, Ontario [MSc 2017]
    Lung, Ivanna Examining water quality effects of land management practices in an agricultural watershed using a GIS based fully distributed hydrologic model [MSc 2014]
    Oginskyy, Anatolly Integrated hydrologic-economic optimization modeling for watershed evaluation of agricultural BMPs and policies. [PhD 2014]
    Simmons, Jane Quantifying effluent credits for use in non-point source water quality trading programs. [MSc 2013]
    Elgie, Steve Modelling riparian buffer filtration capacities in agricultural regions using a fully distributed model. [MSc 2012]
    Chen, Jie Examining the runoff processes in a small agricultural watershed using a fully distributed model. [MSc 2011]
    Cunningham, Jared Evaluating the water quality effects of land use change in a small agricultural watershed. [MSc 2011]
    Bonnycastle, Adam Environmental and economic implications of land management changes in agricultural watersheds.  [MSc 2006]
    Liu, Wenbao Cost-effective targeting of land retirement to achieve water quality and habitat benefits. [MSc 2005]
    Sheng, Chaodong Spatial targeting of conservation tillage to improve carbon sequestration and water quality benefits in agriculture watersheds. [MSc 2005]
    Allataifeh, Nabil Spatially explicit hydrological modelling for evaluating water quality effects of agricultural management practices at different scales. [PhD]
    Asgari, Marjan [PhD]
    Rapke, Matthew Determining the agricultural suitability of land in Ontario using GIS. [MSc]